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Achievements are available in the Steam version of Underrail. Version initially has 50 Steam Achievements.

Underrail Global Achievements on Steam Community

Achievement Description
Just a Flesh Wound Survive an attack with 1 health
First Blood! Kill a living creature
Can't Touch This! Evade 3 attacks in a row in a single turn
Tactical Retreat Leave an area during combat
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Kill an enemy with the last bullet in the magazine
Run and Gun Kill 50 enemies with firearms
Now You See Me... Successfully restealth during combat
Somebody Called For an Exterminator? Kill 100 rathounds
Back To The Shooting Range... Miss 10 aimed shots
Universal Recipient Use 50 health hypos
I'm Afraid I Can't Let You Do That Get killed by the same robot 3 times in one sitting
Shroomhead Pick 100 mushrooms
You Throw Like a Girl Kill only yourself with a grenade
Look At All The Pretty Stars Stun enemies 30 times
Snoop Dog Discover 10 hidden objects or passages (traps don't count)
Mr. Stabby Kill 50 enemies with a knife
Skeleton Key Pick 50 mechanical locks
There Can Be Only One Kill your doppelganger
Fire in the Hole! Kill 50 enemies with grenades
Kleptomaniac Steal 30 items
Put this Apple on Your Head Kill 50 enemies with a crossbow
Antisocial Tendencies Kill 100 humans
Within The Budget Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade
Backalley Pugilism Kill 50 enemies unarmed or with fist weapons
Someone Need A Chill Pill? Chill enemies 50 times
Resisted Arrest Incapacitate enemies 30 times
It's Buggy Kill 100 insectoids
One Shot - One Kill Snipe down a full health enemy
Manual Override Hack 50 electronic locks
It's Super Effective! Deal over 300 damage with a weapon or an unarmed attack
It's Hammer Time! Kill 50 enemies with a sledgehammer
Fire and Ice Kill 50 enemies with metathermic psi abilities
Terminator Exterminator Kill 50 robots
Reach Out and Touch Somebody Kill 50 enemies with psychokinetic psi abilities
What Does This Button Do? Short-circuit enemies 30 times
Look Into My Eyes Kill 50 enemies with thought control psi abilities
The Other Side Use 50 psi boosters
Rest In Pieces Shatter an enemy
Pyromaniac Ignite enemies 30 times
Thrill Junkie Use 30 adrenaline shots
Mr. Freeze Freeze enemies 30 times
Spray And Pray Kill 3 enemies with a single burst attack
It's Always the Blue Wire Disarm 50 traps
Chuck Attack Kill an enemy with Dirty Kick
Rat Meat Gourmand Eat 50 meals
Phasers Set to Kill Kill 50 enemies with energy weapons
Mine, All Mine! Kill 50 enemies with traps
Pain Free Use 15 morphine shots
Acid Trip Kill 50 enemies with acid
Hitman Kill 10 humans using the Execute attack
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