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For an alphabetical list of blueprints, see Category:Blueprints.

Blueprints are items that you can download to your wristpad for use in crafting. The crafting menu G contains your downloaded blueprints and allows you to craft items using them.


All blueprints require at least one base component, but certain blueprints may require up to 4 base components. Blueprints may also have up to 3 optional components which alter or enhance the produced item(s), but are not necessary to craft an item.

The skill requirements for crafting any blueprint comes from the components used. Base components always add 100% of their skill requirements, while optional components have a varying difficulty modifier. Optional components with skill requirements higher than those of the base components will increase the crafting requirements up to their minimal skill level before adding their difficulty modifier.

Most armor, weapons, many medicine items, combat utilities and various other items can be created from blueprints. Some items are not commonly found nor sold, but their blueprints are commonly available. Also, some items and item enhancements are available only via crafting.

Skill requirements

Most general purpose blueprints (weapons, armor) use components that have varying quality, and components of higher quality also require higher crafting skills.

All medicine and drugs crafted with Biology skill have static crafting requirements, see the biology article for a list.

This is a partial list of crafting skill requirements of other blueprints that only use components of static quality.

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