Bret's task

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Hopper round up
Main Storyline

Capturing hoppers.png
Quest information

Mushroom Cove

Given by

Big Bret


700 XP
100 SGS Credits

Related quests ​
Gorsky's task

Retake the outposts


Find the drill parts

Tanner asks you to complete both Bret's and Gorsky's tasks. Once both tasks are complete and you return to Tanner, you also gain 2000 XP.


  • Talk to Bret at the agronomy concerning his 'hopper round up'
  • Capture three cave hoppers for Big Bret
  • Complete tasks Bret and Gorsky give you and return to Tanner


Talk to Bret to receive details about the mission (100 XP). You simply need to capture three cave hoppers alive inside a Dog Crate. Northwestern Mushroom Cove is filled with these little buggers and sometimes they get stuck on one of the holes, making this an easy job.

This should be an easy task if you are playing a stealth character. Others may need to use utilities such as throwing nets or tranquilizing bolts to catch the hoppers alive.

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