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The Chemical Assault Unit (CAU) is one of the Protectorate's special task forces. True to their name they are specialized in the art of chemical warfare. Members of the unit are sometimes referred to as chems.


The CAU is a small squad commanded by Julius Mareth, formerly a lieutenant, now holding the rank of captain. Members of the unit are highly trained in small arms and hand-to-hand combat, and the use of demolitions and chemical weaponry. They wear specialized uniforms designed to provide protection from the weapons they use.

By and large the CAU are called in to handle the most difficult and dire of situations, and they perform their job with impressive efficiency. At the same time, many consider the methods employed by them to be far too extreme, and accuse their members to be unhinged psychopaths who give the Protectorate a bad name. Some of the gravest rumors even speak of prisoners tortured with the use of corrosive acid.

Although the squad operates mainly in the North, about two or three years ago they were dispatched on a mission to the South, to the consternation of both Colonel Cathcart and Consul Oliver. Their second, present visit was ordered by the High Command and specifically General Korn, when it was decided that under the circumstances a more aggressive and definitive stance was to be taken against the local branch of the Free Drones.


Protectorate Biohazard Sprayer:

Protectorate Biohazard Needler:

Related quests

Protectorate questline:

  • Gas the drones: After Epione Lab was destroyed in a Free Drone bombing attack, killing everyone inside and severely hindering the process of building a reinforcement route between Upper and Lower Underrail, it was decided by the Protectorate High Command that the southern leadership was incapable of handling the growing Free Drone menace. The Chemical Assault Unit was selected to take temporary command, and thanks to the information provided by the spy Red Snake, executed a plan to gas the main hideout with the use of D5 mutagen. Following the operation the CAU returned North.

Free Drones questline:

  • Sabotage elevator: If the player joins the ranks of the Free Drones, the arrival of the Chemical Assault Unit to the South happens at an earlier point. While setting up the explosives inside Epione Lab, if the player is noticed and the alarm is sounded, the CAU will hurry to the site to prevent the catastrophe.

NOTE: Any player, regardless of faction choices, can attack Epione Lab as soon as the road to Core City opens up. While the appearance of the CAU is not specifically tied to this quest, it can happen only after the player becomes a member of the Free Drone resistance. Since there is a short window of time between the triggering of the alarm and the arrival of the CAU, there is a slight chance to accidentally miss this encounter even under the right circumstances.

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