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Crossbows are a type of weapon and a skill.


Skill details

Increases your precision and damage with crossbows.
In-game description

Related Base Ability

Skill Synergies

  • None

Crossbows increases your damage and precision with all crossbows.

The formula for damage gained from Crossbows skill is Base Damage * (1 + 0.7 * Effective Crossbows Skill / 100). See Precision for details on precision mechanics.

Weapon description

  • Versatile weapon
  • Medium-high range
  • Incurs 125% increased mechanical damage resistance (harder to penetrate armor)
  • Slower projectiles allow easier energy shield penetration
  • Cheap normal ammo
  • Can fire special bolts (tranquilizing, incendiary, electroshock, serrated, etc)
  • Bolts can be poisoned with many different poisons for further utility

Weapon models

  • Icon Zephyr — highest critical damage bonus
  • Icon Hurricane — lowest damage spread
  • Icon Tornado — highest damage, lowest critical chance, small precision penalty, highest move and shoot penalty
  • Icon Monsoon — highest critical chance, lowest critical damage, small precision bonus
  • Icon Cyclon (crafting only) — lowest AP cost
  • Icon Jawbone (unique)


Crossbows can use various special bolts, which makes them a versatile weapon.

Crossbow feats

See Category:Crossbows feats.

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