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For an alphabetical list of merchant NPCs, see Category:Merchants.
For a list of items by trading category, see Category:Trade categories.

Traders, merchants or vendors are NPCs who trade items with the player.


Trading interface

The trading interface
  • You can't see the exact value of your trade, but the Refuses/Accepts bar should give you a rough idea
  • Alt-click or double-click items to quickly send them to trade
  • Shift-click items to split stacks
  • Reset button sends requested and offered items back
  • Auto button uses available currency items to equalize the trade
  • Trade button completes the trade
  • Offered items overlaid with X won't be accepted by the trader

Merchant properties


The price modifier for items you purchase usually starts at 200% and can be lowered with your mercantile skill. Some traders may also offer you better deals than others.

Currency is always valued at its base value, without any price modifiers. Traders usually only accept local currencies in trade.

Currency Value Accepted in
SGS Credits SGS Credits 10 South Gate Station (local currency)
Stygian Coins Stygian Coin 30 Everywhere in South Underrail
United Stations Dollars United Stations Dollar 50 United Stations and Protectorate bases


Most merchant stores are restocked every 90 minutes. Higher level items or entirely new items will be available in some stores based on game progression. (e.g. TNT Charges in SGS armory)

Items bought

Traders usually buy only certain types of items, and only in limited amounts. Salesman feat increases the amount of items you can sell.

These limits reset when their inventory is restocked.

Special merchandise

As of version, certain merchants also have special merchandise available to characters with mercantile skill. See Category: Special merchants for a list of these merchants.

Special merchandise includes more and better quality components and equipment. Special merchandise comes in multiple tiers with increasing skill requirements each. In future versions, special merchandise may even include unique items that cannot be gained otherwise.

Merchant list

A list of merchants by their trade.

General store

Assorted junk


Chemical weaponry


Stealthy stuff


Mechanical components







Hunting supplies

Useless junk

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