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Electrokinetic Imprint icon

Electrokinetic Imprint
Psychokinesis (45 skill required)
Generates an electrokinetic imprint at the target location that deals 38-75 electricity damage to the first character that steps on it and stuns it for 2 turns. You can only have one imprint active at a time.
Action Points: 10
Psi: 15
Range: 5.0
Cooldown: 3 turn

Electrokinetic Imprint is a Psychokinesis psi ability added in version

Places a hidden electrokinetic imprint on the ground, similar to a trap, that deals electrical damage and stuns the first creature to step on it, unless the damage was completely resisted. The detection difficulty of electrokinetic imprints is 125% of effective Psychokinesis skill, instead of the usual Traps skill.[1] Only one imprint can be active in an area at a time.[2]

Its damage scales with your effective Psychokinesis skill. Can be invoked through a fence or a gate.

Effective skill Damage
0 Electricity: 20-21
45 Electricity: 38-75
100 Electricity: 60-141
150 Electricity: 80-201
200 Electricity: 100-261
250 Electricity: 120-321
300 Electricity: 140-381


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