Hank Wardell

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Hank Wardell

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Role Deceased
Location Core City

Hank Wardell was the previous owner of your house. A very strange old man, one day he arrived from North Underrail and purchased one of the most expensive mansions in the residential area. No one knows where his wealth came from, or who he was before he moved to the south.

Despite being among the wealthiest citizens of Core City, he did not care much about his appearance, and wore casual clothes almost exclusively. He was a reclusive man, and often left the city for long periods of time.

As a person although he was considered weird, and even insane, people did not find him unpleasant. He liked to ask questions, and afterwards his conversation partners were often left with the feeling that they told him more than he told them. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation he would just stand up, and walk away without a word.

Wardell had a laboratory set up in the basement of his mansion, and ordered a good number of specialized equipment for it through Core City Housing Corporation. He liked to experiment with highly volatile chemicals, until one day a resulting explosion destroyed most of the mansion and presumably killed Wardell in the process.

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