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The Khazum Morakht is a clan of psi-warriors presumably living somewhere in North Underrail.


Novitiates of the Khazum Morakht clan are selected at a young age. In subsequent years they go through training in every major psionic discipline. Only upon reaching mastery in all of them can they become full-fledged members of the clan.

It is the obligation of clan members to be assigned a target, human or otherwise, and swear an oath to protect them, with their own lives if necessary. Due to their high intelligence and the intense training every member undergoes, it is very unusual for a Khazum Morakht warrior to be killed on duty.

It is easy for an outsider to mistakenly believe them to be mute. They are able to speak, but choose not to out of their own free will. There is a yet to be revealed purpose to this behavior.


Whisperers are members of the clan who were assigned with the protection of the alien pyramid Oculus, found in South Underrail. There nickname was given to them by the Oculites for their trademark silence. There is no corner in the construct that a Whisperer does not invisibly keep an eye on. Because of the secrecy with which Oculus operates, they rarely get to see any action.

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