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This page lists some player-made Underrail maps, sorted by last update. No longer updated as of Dev Log #55: Global Map.


3D map by xammurapi (2016 Aug)

Interactive WebGL application made using the Unity3D game engine.


Forum thread:

Pixel art maps by Saltamontes (2016 Jul)

Manually drawn maps (pixel by pixel) to match every tile within Underrail one on one with a pixel on the map.

Download link:

Forum thread:

Map by Pipboy (2016 May)

A clean metro style map for the release version.

Forum thread:

Making this map while playing the game (jan 2016), will update as soon as I have progressed further. If you find any mistakes please let me know in the forum thread so I can correct them.

Updated (May, 2016) by 0wca: added missing areas

Pipboy's clean metro style map

A complete map of Deep Caverns by Pencilus (2016 May)

A map I created when I made my first playthrough and was looking for a Deep Caverns map but since there was none I made one.

Pencilus' Deep Caverns map

Spreadsheet map by ghostdog (2016 Feb)

Complete Underrail map in spreadsheet format.


Forum thread:

Deep Caverns screenshot collage

Labeled screenshot collage of Deep Caverns main areas. Does not include Mushroom Forest, Labyrinth or any interior maps: Caerus Residential interior, Tithonus Laboratory, Arke Power Station interior, Toxic Storage, gatehouses at Mutagen Tanks, Nucleus.

Deep Caverns exterior areas

Maps by DQwiks (2016 Jan)

ENG/RUS maps based on latest version screenshots.


All-in-one map by Kordanor (2016 Jan)

An Underrail World map to get a general overview.


Sketch of map by arkangelgofgmono (2015 May)

A map consisting most of Lower Underrail, under-passages and caves.

Forum thread:

arkangelgofgmono's map (cropped)

Alpha maps by epeli (2014 Dec)

Last updated for 0.1.13 alpha version. Missing a few new areas, large city maps (Foundry, Core City, SGS) and entirety of Deep Caverns.

Forum thread:

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