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Throwing is a skill.

Increases your precision with all throwing weapons and utilities, including grenades.
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Throwing increases your precision with throwing weapons and utilities. It also increases your damage with Throwing Knives. Throwing utilities do not have explicit critical stats, but any offensive utility that can critically hit uses the default base values of 5% critical hit chance and 100% critical damage bonus.

Grenades cannot land more than 3 tiles away from their targeted location with imprecise throws. Grenades can only reach 90% precision, unlike targeted attacks which are limited to a maximum of 95% precision. However, grenades have 100% precision when thrown to a tile adjacent to the thrower. See Precision for details on precision mechanics.

The range of grenades is limited to 10 tiles. An effective throwing skill of 123 is needed to have the maximum precision of 90% on the 10th tile.

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