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You can leave a message for me here. Remember to sign your posts with four tildes!

If you're looking for something to do on the wiki, check the community portal out! -- Epeli (talk) 00:27, 28 March 2013 (CDT)

Taggart here: (hmm didn't expect this "New Section" to go in your main message box. Need to figure out the discussion sysyem also.. guess it's not like a forum thread post.., sorry!)


Thanks for the tips and pointer, and for fixing my errors :) I'm learning as I go..

I looked but didn't see Maurice's portrait in the Category:Portraits, and, not realizing it was there for sure, I made one while trying to adhere to what I saw in other existing examples. I guess it was a "didn't see the trees for the forest" thing. And, TBH, the "generic" name of the correct portrait would have probably thrown me off even if I did spot it - I might have thought, "hmm, it looks the same but maybe I just can't spot the difference..". But now that I know all portraits should be there, I'll look more closely for the next one.

Category:In-game models escaped me completely. Didn't even know it existed. I'm glad my self-made pic was actually very close to the "official" one if the category; so if I do need to make one, I'm on the right track. :) I'll know where to look next time; before making one if necessary.

I need to work on understanding {PAGENAME} and where it should be used. Will keep looking for examples..

Thanks again! Love the game :)

Taggart (talk) 18:52, 21 March 2016 (CDT)

Categorizing images

Hello. Got your note re Categorizing images. I had actually just figured that out when I uploaded the Johnny Filth model and was able to embed Deploy second T-ray emitter in the summary. Before that I didn't know where to put it (having noticed you editing it in). But I can't seem to edit the file summary so I had tucked away the knowledge for the next one.. Thanks! Taggart (talk) 04:25, 23 March 2016 (CDT)

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