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Utility slots highlighted on the game UI. This character has 3 slots available and 3 unavailable.
For an alphabetical list of utilities, see Category:Utilities.

Combat Utilies are powerful utility items that can only be used when equipped in utility slots Q, W, E, R, T, Y.

Your character has a limited number of utility slots, starting at 2, which can be increased by the belt you wear and certain feats such as Quick Pockets.

Utilities can be swapped or equipped during combat, but doing so costs 50 AP. (25 AP with Quick Pockets)

Crossbow special bolts

These are what makes crossbows versatile; bolts can be made serrated, coated with poisons, rigged with explosives or small electroshock charges and so on.

The stack size for special bolts is limited to 99.


All throwing weapons including grenades are combat utilities, but other throwable items such as flares exist.

Other utilities

Other items, usually electronic devices, that supplement your combat abilities or ID badges that must be worn.

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