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This article covers the basics of character creation in Underrail.



Tab0 rules.png

Game Difficulty

Player character has twice the health. Healing consumables will heal for twice as much and have a lower cooldown.
Easier NPC AI. (The old AI from versions prior to
The default combat difficulty.
Normal NPC AI.
Player character has reduced health (2/3 of normal). Healing consumables will heal for half as much and have doubled cooldown.
Harder NPC AI.

Experience System

Main article: Experience
The Oddity XP System is an alternative experience system where most experience is gained from finding oddities.
In the Classic XP System, experience is rewarded for quest completion, kills and skill usage.

Base tab

Tab1 base.png

First of all, you must choose the gender and name of your character and choose a portrait.

Custom portraits

As of version alpha, Underrail supports custom player portraits.

  • Custom portraits go into your Documents\My Games\Underrail\CustomPortraits\ folder
  • A custom portrait should have two files:
    • 100x100 PNG image with filename ending in _l (underscore and lowercase L)
    • 50x50 PNG image with filename ending in _s (underscore and lowercase S)
  • Both 32-bit (transparency) and 24-bit PNGs work. Transparent portraits will have dynamic background in-game.
  • All custom portraits will be available to both male and female characters

Restart the game if you're not seeing your custom portraits in character creation.

Base abilities

Main article: Base Abilities

You have 5 points to spend on your base ability scores. All base abilities start at 5. You can increase base ability scores to a maximum of 10, or decrease them to a minimum of 3. You can increase base abilities above this limit on subsequent level-ups.

After character creation, your character will gain a new base ability point every four levels.


With this option, you may import any character you have previously exported (e.g. a character from an older version) and start a new game with that character. In addition to level and other stats, imported characters also retain all their items from previous games.

Exported characters are stored in your Documents\My Games\Underrail\Characters\ folder.

Skills tab

Tab2 skills.png
Main article: Skills

You have a total of 120 skill points to spend on the various skills available. You may spend up to 15 points on any skill during character creation.

You can click and hold to assign more than one point with a single click.

After character creation, your character will gain 40 skill points every level.

Feats tab

Tab3 feats.png
Main article: Feats

You must pick 2 feats. Your base abilities and skill levels dictate which feats are available.

You can browse all feats with the Show all feats option.

After character creation, your character will gain a new feat every two levels.

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External resources for Underrail character planning.

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