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Base abilities tab of the character screen

Base Ability Scores in Underrail serve as the base for your character and consist of seven attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Constitution, Perception, Will and Intelligence. Certain functions, items and actions require a minimum score of a certain base ability to be used or performed, while some items, such as foods, temporarily boost them. Some feats also require a minimum score of a certain base ability (and skill level) to be picked and used. Each base ability is set to a default of 5 and has a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 during character creation.

You gain a base ability point every 4 levels. Minimum base ability score is 1 and maximum is 20, although that is not reachable through normal means.

Base abilities directly boost related skills by a certain number. An ability score of 4 is the breakpoint where related skills receive no bonus nor penalty from the ability score.[1]

Every point in base ability above 4 increases the effective value of dependent skills by 8.5%, while every point below 4 decreases it by 10%.


Main article: Strength
Strength measures your character's muscle power. It affects melee damage and carry capacity. It's also important for characters who intend to use heavier weapons (such as sniper and assault rifles and sledgehammers).
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Main article: Dexterity
Dexterity measures character's reflexes, hand-eye coordination and finger nimbleness. It affects many things, such as operating locks, thievery, throwing and initiative. It increases critical strike chance of melee attacks. High dexterity also reduces action point cost of unarmed and light weapons (pistols, SMGs, knives, throwing knives and fist weapons)
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Main article: Agility
Agility represents character's reflexes, fleet-footedness, jumping ability, as well as affinity towards other athletic and acrobatic activities. Among other things it affects dodge, evasion, initiative and movement points. It also allows the character to move more quietly, increasing the stealth performance.
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Main article: Constitution
Constitution represents the health and general stamina of your character. It is important for all types of characters, but especially for those who plan on making the armor suit their main defense. It also helps prevent or lessen the effects of poisons and diseases.
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Main article: Perception
Perception represents character's ability to discern objects from far away as well as to notice hidden things in their vicinity. It helps the character to use ranged weapons more effectively, as well as detect hidden objects, passages and creatures.
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Main article: Will
Will measures your character's mental determination to see to his action regardless of various mental difficulties, such as pain, suggestion and overwhelming odds, as well as to force his will onto others and the environment. It heavily affects all psi disciplines as well as psi point regeneration.
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Main article: Intelligence
Intelligence determines how well the character learns and reasons. It is important for a character that focuses on science as all disciplines are dependent on it. It also affects psi point regeneration.
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