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Lists of quests/missions as their objectives appear on your Notes (keybind: N) menu. There's also a list of plot items like keys and keycards.


South Gate Station

Main storyline
  • Talk to Councilor Tanner in his office in the commons (level three)
    • Talk to Pasquale on the medical level
    • Talk to Gorsky at the shooting range and have a practice session
      • Start the practice session at the shooting range, score ten hits, end the session and report to Tanner
        • Return to Tanner and let him know you've done some target practice
  • Talk to Harold on the engineering level to find out how to reactivate the power generator in the outposts to the north
    • Reactivate the power generator and retake the outposts in the cave tunnels to the north. There are total of five outposts, and you'll need to activate at least three of them
  • Complete tasks Bret and Gorsky give you and return to Tanner
    • Talk to Bret at the agronomy concerning his 'hopper round up'
      • Capture three cave hoppers for Big Bret
    • Travel to GMS compound and talk to Gorsky (Essie at the Lower Underrail exit can instruct you on how to get there)
      • Find a way to open the sealed door in the GMS compound
  • Travel to Junkyard and search for Armadillo class drill rotor circuit board (one of the merchants might have it or know where to find it)
  • Tanner wants you to find out what is happening in Rail Crossing and assist them with their problem


  • Retrieve the package from the barracks at SGS station platform near the tunnel and take it to the warehouse south of GMS compound
  • Shoot a rathound with a bolt Quinton gave you and collect a tissue sample
  • Find Old Jonas's watch in the caves north of South Gate Station
  • Get some raw meat for Mordre at the Mushroom Cove
  • Deliver trading documents to the United Stations ambassador in Junkyard

Not yet implemented

  • Meet Gorsky in the Core City
  • Vera wants you to find out what happened to merchants Terry and Lora Baker (They were last heard from when they were in Core City and might have stopped by Rail Crossing later)
  • Look for Cornell and his Acid Hunters gang in the Core City


  • Meet Grover and Treasa in the back alley behind Grover's shack north of the tavern for a showdown
  • Retrieve Kohlmeier's lucky knife from his former house in the east part of the residential area and return it to him in the slums
  • Fish up five blue eels and return them to Kareem at the Junkyard tavern. According to him you can find blue eels in the waters to the west
  • Save Cliff's girlfriend from the ruins southwest of Junkyard
  • Sneak Abram's cybernetic spawn into ventilation ducts of United Stations embassy in Junkyard
  • Rescue Maura from the Protectorate prison in Junkyard for Abram (you can access the prison through a hole in caves north of Junkyard gate)

Junkyard - Black Eels

  • Find Grover in his shack north of the tavern and next to Len's shop and collect his debt to Dockmaster Silas or his head
  • Sail with captain Broderick to the island where he believe the lost cargo washed up and retrieve it for Dockmaster Silas
  • Find Blaine and find out if there's an alternative way into Scrappers HQ from Old Junkyard
  • Get either SGS or United Stations/Protectorate to help Black Eels take down the Scrappers
  • Take the explosive charges from Colton and place them on the ceiling of the cavern below the Old Junkyard gate; you can access this cavern through the ventilation ducts of the lower level of Old Junkyard
  • Help Silas and the Black Eels take over Scrappers HQ (Silas must survive)

Junkyard - Scrappers

  • Look for a guy named Elwood in the gambling house in the back alley in north side of the slums and get his keycard off him somehow; then bring it to Eddy at Depot B
  • Eddy from Depot B wants you to use Elwood's key card to enter his house in the back alley north of the tavern and search for a strange disk shaped object
  • Eddy the scrapper boss wants you to find out how the Black Eels are sneaking into the Old Junkyard

Rail Crossing

  • Captain Harve wants you to save Buzzer, who he believes is being held prisoner in his shop
  • Captain Harve wants you to get rid of the Faceless, one way or another


  • Find the source of the signal the strange necklace is tuned to track

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