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List of all quest objectives as they appear on your Notes N menu

This complete list is included for wiki organizing purposes. For walkthroughs, see individual quest pages on the navbox at the bottom of this page.


South Gate Station

Main storyline

  • Talk to Councilor Tanner in his office in the commons (level three).
    • Talk to Pasquale on the medical level.
    • Talk to Gorsky at the shooting range and have a practice session.
      • Start the practice session at the shooting range, score ten hits, end the session and report to Tanner.
        • Return to Tanner and let him know you've done some target practice.
  • Talk to Harold on the engineering level to find out how to reactivate the power generator in the outposts to the north.
    • Reactivate the power generator and retake the outposts in the cave tunnels to the north. There are total of five outposts, and you'll need to activate at least three of them.
  • Complete tasks Bret gives you and return to Tanner.
    • Talk to Bret at the agronomy concerning his 'hopper round up'.
      • Capture three cave hoppers for Big Bret.
    • A young man named Newton was sent by Big Bret to catch cave hoppers in the Mushroom cove, but he hasn't returned yet. See what's taking him so long.
  • Complete tasks Gorsky gives you and return to Tanner.
    • Travel to GMS compound and talk to Gorsky (Essie at the Lower Underrail exit can instruct you on how to get there).
      • Find a way to open the sealed door in the GMS compound.
  • Travel to Junkyard and search for Armadillo class drill rotor circuit board (one of the merchants might have it or know where to find it).
  • Tanner wants you to find out what is happening in Rail Crossing and assist them with their problem.
  • Find out what the Faceless are searching for.
    • Find the mysterious cube the Faceless are looking for and return it to Tanner.
  • Look for Cornell and his Acid Hunters gang in the Core City and report your findings to Tanner.
  • Infiltrate Institute of Tchort and track down the stolen cube.
  • Return to South Gate Station and talk to the councillors about Tanner.
    • Search Tanner's room for clues. Talk to Ezra about unlocking the room for you.
      • Talk to Vera or take the train to North Underrail.


  • Retrieve the package from the barracks at SGS station platform near the tunnel and take it to the warehouse south of GMS compound.
  • Shoot a rathound with a bolt Quinton gave you and collect a tissue sample.
  • Find Old Jonas's watch in the caves north of South Gate Station.
  • Get some raw meat for Mordre at the Mushroom Cove.
  • Deliver trading documents to the United Stations ambassador in Junkyard.
  • Big Bret told you that SGS has lost contact with Camp Hathor after the earthquake, he wants you to go there and see what's happening. It's located in the caves east of SGS.
  • Harold wants you to check out an old battery recycling plant located in the caves, straight to the east from SGS. See if you can find some optoelectric nuclear cells, related equipment, blueprints or similar and bring it to him.
  • Meet Gorsky in the Core City. Look for him in the Hardcore City Bar.
  • Vera wants you to find out what happened to merchants Terry and Lora Baker (They were last heard from when they were in Core City and might have stopped by Rail Crossing later).


  • Meet Grover and Treasa in the back alley behind Grover's shack north of the tavern for a showdown.
  • Retrieve Kohlmeier's lucky knife from his former house in the east part of the residential area and return it to him in the slums.
  • Prove to Geezer Ford that you're a capable fisherman. He wants you to bring him one of the following: pentapus, slackjaw, minihead, black dragon, phantom jelly, ghostface, anglerfish, demon squid, shrimp and a walking fish.
  • Save Cliff's girlfriend from the ruins southwest of Junkyard.
  • Sneak Abram's cybernetic spawn into ventilation ducts of United Stations embassy in Junkyard.
    • Rescue Maura from the Protectorate prison in Junkyard for Abram (you can access the prison through a hole in caves north of Junkyard gate).

Junkyard - Black Eels

  • Find Grover in his shack north of the tavern and next to Len's shop and collect his debt to Dockmaster Silas or his head.
    • Sail with captain Broderick to the island where he believes the lost cargo washed up and retrieve it for Dockmaster Silas.
      • Find Blaine and find out if there's an alternative way into Scrappers HQ from Old Junkyard.
        • Get either SGS or United Stations/Protectorate to help Black Eels take down the Scrappers.
          • Take the explosive charges from Colton and place them on the ceiling of the cavern below the Old Junkyard gate; you can access this cavern through the ventilation ducts of the lower level of Old Junkyard.
            • Help Silas and the Black Eels take over Scrappers HQ. (Silas must survive)

Junkyard - Scrappers

  • Look for a guy named Elwood in the gambling house in the back alley in north side of the slums and get his keycard off him somehow; then bring it to Eddy at Depot B.
    • Eddy from Depot B wants you to use Elwood's key card to enter his house in the back alley north of the tavern and search for a strange disk shaped object.
      • Eddy the scrapper boss wants you to find out how the Black Eels are sneaking into the Old Junkyard.

Camp Hathor

  • Burrowers have emerged from the abandoned mine following the earthquake and started attacking Camp Hathor. Enter the mine and see if you can stop them somehow.
    • A mysterious man who calls himself the Rathound King is causing trouble to Camp Hathor. He is described as a strong and cunning foe who can control rathounds. Find him, kill him and bring his head to Edgar.
  • You managed to convince Rathound King to negotiate with Camp Hathor, but he wants you to be the negotiator. Talk to him and Edgar and try to work out a truce between them.
  • Rathound King wants you to kidnap Sarine, a female hunter from Camp Hathor. She's a very capable warrior, so take care. Bring her to the Rathound King's lair, once you have her.

Rail Crossing

  • Captain Herve wants you to get rid of the Faceless, one way or another.
    • Captain Herve wants you to help him find out what happened with a Protectorate train that was supposed to bring supplies to Rail Crossing, but never arrived. The train was supposed to set off from South Railroad Outpost.
      • Captain Herve is impatient about the arrival of the recovered supplies. He asked you to go back to South Railroad Outpost and learn when the supplies will be leaving for Rail Crossing.
  • Captain Herve wants you to save Buzzer, who he believes is being held prisoner in his shop.
  • Retrieve the strange electronic device from the abandoned warehouse southwest of the Rail Crossing and bring it to Myles.
  • Someone's been stealing medical supplies from Doctor Boudreau's supply locker. Try to catch the thief in the act.
  • Dude had a strange vision where he saw you get something really important from a locker, located in a warehouse east of Rail Crossing. He wants you to bring him that important item.


  • You found evidence that Evelyn Ingram is a serious murderer, you should report her to the authorities.
  • Olivia wants you to kill her husband Nicolas, but only if you make it look like a work related accident. Otherwise, she'll refuse to pay you. You'll find him in the metalworks.
  • You told Chief Banner about the potential murder situation between Olivia and Nicholas
  • Chief Banner wants you to kill Balor, the leader of Ironheads, and bring him his red cybernetic eye. He is probably located in the warehouse complex south of Foundry.
    • Chief wants you to investigate a small group of Faceless that was spotted west of Foundry. Find out why they're there and report to the chief.
      • Faceless in the caves west of Foundry want you to help them locate a mysterious object that was stolen from them. You should inquire with the Foundry merchants.
    • You are going to need some help if you want to learn more about the Foundry mine creatures. Find an expert biologist and bring him either samples from or, if possible, the creatures themselves.
    • Find a way to stop the big creature that, along with its smaller cousins, threatens Foundry. Start by going to the mine and talking to Marcos, the mining supervisor, and Saban, a guard that survived the encounter with the Beast.

Core City

  • Defeat all your opponents in the Arena.
  • Apply for and succesfully finish the Gauntlet.
  • Meet Abram in Core City.
  • Gorsky wants you to find a way to enter the Protectorate warehouse at the Core City Docks and recover a shipment of energy shield emitters. Sneaky might have some clue as how to get in.
  • Gorsky wants you to find a way to recover a tunneler that's stranded in the Drop Zone on the mid level of Core City.
    • Help Gorsky attack the Black Crawler camp. Meet him near the tunneler when you are ready.

Coretech questline

  • Harlan wants you to find a Coretech agent Raul that has gone missing recently. He was last spotted entering the Core City sewer system.
    • Harlan tells you about a Coretech employee who is suspected of stealing ICPD, a very important device from Coretech's lab. Find him, deal with him and retrieve the device.
      • One of Coretech's warehouses is under attack. Go there, and eliminate the opposition. The warehouse is located just west of the main city entrance.
        • The Acid Hunters have killed Edmund Knight, son of Archibald Knight, chief of Praetorian Security. Mr. Simmons wants you to kill Cornell and bring him his head.
          • Mr. Simmons wants you to go to a secret Coretech research facility and make sure the artifact that is kept there stays there.

JKK questline

  • Vivian wants you to find a man called Bogdan Stravohodnik and get some documents from him. He was last seen in Hardcore City Bar.
    • JKK needs your help in rescuing hostages held in a warehouse in Core City. You need to disable the security system so that the troops can go in. Talk to Ola and he'll meet you in the sewers and show you where you need to go.
      • Escort Vivian and protect her while she repairs a power generator in one of the old facilities.
        • Gunnar Edstrom wants you to find the Acid Hunters and talk to them about the device and the murder of Edmund Knight.
          • Gunnar Edstrom wants you to acquire a device previously owned by the Acid Hunters, now in possession of Coretech. It's held in a secret research facility owned by Coretech.

Praetorian Security questline

  • Locate a mercenary group in Core City lead by Joe De Pacino. Eliminate him and report to Stratford.
    • Stratford wants you to investigate and repair generator that went out in the sewers. There is a high probability that the Faceless are responsible, so if you see them, inform Stratford as soon as possible.
      • A warehouse in Core City was attacked by mercenaries. Go there, eliminate all opposition and see if you can find some clues.
        • Archibald Knight wants you to seek the Acid Hunters and find out if Cornell is the actual murderer of his son Edmund. If he is, kill him and get his head to Knight.
          • Chief Knight wants you to go to Coretech's hidden research facility and learn all you can about what's inside it and if it's somehow connected to the Faceless.

Free Drones

  • A protectorate envoy with escort is visiting Rail Crossing. Wait for them at the train station and assassinate the envoy. AFter that report to the mysterious lady near Junkyard's south entrance.
  • Find the Free Drones base in the under-passage. Enter the underpassage entrance near Rail Crossing and, once inside, go west until you come up to a door with an intercom. The passcode is "delectable."
  • Find Free Drones hideout in Junkyard and bring some equipment back to under-passage base. Knock four times slowly on the western door in the alley north of Kareem's bar.
  • Check out the Lurker encampment east of the Free Drones base. Search for the captives and rescue them if they're alive.
  • Destroy the Protectorate troop elevator located in Epione Lab, Upper Underrail. It lies east of Core City, between it and Fort Apogee, and can be reached by following the blue metro line. Your task is to infiltrate Epione lab, plant C4 explosives on lab's load-bearing pillars and detonate them.
  • Meet your squad just north of South Railroad Outpost and then lead the assault. Once the base is cleared, report back to Trenton.
  • You have revealed that Alvin Bate was a spy working for the Protectorate.


  • Ambassador Athanas wishes to speak with you about your role in the recovery of the hijacked train. You can find him in his office in the Junkyard embassy.
  • Ambassador Atahanas told you to see Consol Oliver in Fort Apogee, Upper Underrail, if you are interested in joining the Underrail Protectorate.
  • Consul Oliver asked of you to negotiate with a renegade Protectorate squad that left Fort Apogee for unknown reasons. The renegades are being led by Sergeant First Class Timothy Holloway, and are located at Dolos Center station, west Upper Underrail.
  • Colonel Cathcart wants you to go to Epione Lab in Upper Underrail and talk to Captain Blackwall, who has the mission details. Once you help Blackwall, return to Colonel Cathcart.
  • Captain Blackwall at Epione Lab wants you to investigate the surrounding areas and report your findings to him.
  • Colonel Cathcart told you about a Protectorate expedition that hasn't reported back since the earthquake. Find Hephaestus Research facility in Lower Underrail caves and locate the missing team.
  • Captain Mareth sent you to find at least two cans of mutagen which is to be used against the Free Drones. He mentioned a facility that might have it, but doesn't know its location, other than it's in the cave system north of Rail Crossing.
  • Captain Mareth told you to find someone in Fort Apogee that will rig the mutagen cans to release the gas with a delay. Afterwards, you are to find the entrance to under-passage, just south of Rail Crossing and link up with CAU.

Institute of Tchort

  • Efreitor Denzil wants you to find a missing figurine he suspects was stolen by the lunatics. The figurine is made of metal and depicts a man reaching up for the surface.
    • Wait for the praepostor to arrive to interview you for your admission to the institute of Tchort.
  • Strange tremors have begun shaking the Institute of Tchort. Maybe you should investigate the cause.
    • Find out why the Faceless have appeared in the west wing.
      • Escape Institute of Tchort before the Faceless overrun it!
  • Mediant Samuel asked you to go to Utility Station 7 that can be accessed through a breached wall in the lower levels of the Institute. Once there, you are to make sure that the area is secured and then return to the mediant.
  • Mediant Samuel wants you to find a Preservation combat unit that was dispatched to the west wing around five days ago but never returned or contacted back. Find them or what is left of them and report back.
    • Kill Efreitor Mateo and bring his head to Mediant Samuel.
  • Mediant Samuel wants you to locate a rassophore named Nevil who has disappeared and cannot be found anywhere within the Institute of Tchort. He was last spotted near Eidein's Library.
Physics lab
  • A rassophore named Pavel was sent to the Institute of Tchort west wing to plant a T-ray emitter two days ago, and hasn't returned still. Find him and bring him back if alive.
  • Principal Investigator Schteff wants you to deploy a T-ray emitter somewhere on Harpocrates Station just below the Institute building. He also gave you a comm device which you can use to speak to him. Find a location where the emitter signal is the strongest, deploy it then return back to the Institute.
    • Principal Investigator Schteff wants you to deploy one more T-ray emitter, but this time at Core City Upper Underrail station. Find a secluded place where no one could find it and deploy it there.
Chemistry lab
  • Principal Investigator Georgis needs you to help him field test an experimental chemical pistol - XAL-001. Use the pistol in combat until you are sure tehre are no problems with its design and then return to Georgis.
  • Principal Investigator Georgis wants you to go to Hecate Research Outpost and see if you can find and retrieve research data on protein design. The facility is located in Lower Underrail, not too far to the east from Core City.
  • Principal Investigator Georgis needs a volunteer who will test alcoholic drinks he has been making. It requires dedication, patience, a good sense of smell - and a strong stomach.
Genetics lab
  • Psycho, one of the dangerous NPS specimens has escaped its enclosure at the Institute of Tchort. You are given a portable neural pacifier to use on the creature, but you can only do so after you weaken and incapacitate it. If Psycho is accidentally killed, the consequences will be dire.
  • Principal Investigator Rista wants you to go to Forsaken Island and try to find the so-called Behemoth, a large and potentially dangerous creature that is rumored to inhabit the island. If you are able to find it, try to bring some sample of its tissue or similar.
  • Principal Investigator Rista needs you to go to Institute of Tchort courtyard and find out if any of them had a history of surviving dangerous illnesses or diseases that would be deadly to most.

Deep Caverns

  • Harmost Stavros wants you to perform reconnaissance of the Hollow Earth cavern and the areas east of it. Also, he suspects that the Faceless have probably set up one or more bases of operations where they might hold rassophores captured during the fighting. Scout them out and help any rassophores you might find.
    • Harmost Stavros wants you to liberate the captured rassophores you saw at the Faceless base. Get as many of them as you can out of there and report back to His Excellency.
  • Leo wants you to find his knife which he had lost during an encounter with a Tchortist patrol about six-seven days ago. He told you the whole event happened west of the warehouse block, right at the entrance to the "big city."
  • Find a way to open the large metal gate leading to Tchort.
    • In order to repair the mechanism operating one of the large gates in the area, you would need the following: one hydro-pneumatic accumulator, one hydraulic pump drive shaft, three canisters of hydraulic fluid, one hydraulic system control valve. You would also need tools if doing the job yourself, or you could use a repair bot to perform the repairs for you.
    • There is a disabled repair bot in the room housing the mechanism operating one of the large gates in the area. If you can figure out a way to fix it, it might prove useful to you.
    • There seems to be some strange organic mass covering the large gate leading to Tchort. Find a way to remove it.

Jack Quicksilver

  • Jack wants you to go to Foundry and locate one of their cells there. There, Everard will give you an assignment. The answer to the question, "Who goes there?" is "The neophyte."
    • Todor Sallywatch, one of Everard's men, was caught at the murder scene and is being held in Foundry prison. He is to be liberated before he reveals something about the cell. If not, then find another way to make sure he doesn't talk.
  • Meet Lenox Pierce in South Gate Station.
    • Patrick Pierce, a mechanic who resided in SGS was found dead in his room some time ago. Cause of death is unknown, but Lenox, Pat's brother is not pleased with the response from SGS and wants you to investigate and learn how Pat died.
  • Meet Ohad Xander at the Lower Underrail train station, in Core City.
    • Ohad Xander suspects that Daniel Arda, a trader currently visiting Core City is selling a fake combat enhancement drug called Hercules. He wants you to expose this fraud to everyone in Core City once you have the appropriate evidence.
  • Travel to the caves beneath Lower Underrail and look for Azif in a place called 'Hanging Rat'.


  • Locate former Biocorp researcher Wit Nosek, dead or alive, and find out what it was he discovered while working on 'The Ark' project.


  • Find the source of the signal the strange necklace is tuned to track.
  • Talk to Arlene about the strange necklace you found
  • Milton wants a footlocker key carried by two men supposedly located somewhere in the caves. Find the key and bring it to him.

There's also a list of all plot items and keys.

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