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Normal registration and anonymous editing are currently disabled due to spambots. We're planning to open the wiki as soon as time permits.
In the meantime, you can PM epeli or Styg on the forums or email admin@underrail.com for a wiki account.

Welcome to Underrail Wiki! The Community Portal hosts a "state of the wiki" list. Check the forums' wiki thread for additional community discussion.


Contributing to the wiki

There are many ways in which you can help. Don't be afraid to edit and create articles!

Improving existing articles

Loosely ordered by overall status; from good to bad.

Major page group Progress Things to do
navboxes / lists ☑ Good
  • Add anything that's missing. Navboxes can be edited via the v-d-e links in their upper left corner.
Feats ☑ Good
  • Additional detailed explanations should be added if game mechanics are ambiguous, or if the feat description omits some information.
  • Specializations need to be added to feat pages once Expedition is out
Items ☑ Ok
  • Major item pages like the main weapon and armor variations need more comprehensive example sets and more detailed write-up.
  • Oddity locations need to be checked and detailed
  • Pages in Category:Components with example stats need to be updated with their stat ranges. Tabbed item infoboxes be edited via the v-d-e links in their upper right corner.
  • Few quality-scaling components lack Template:Quality table.
Psi abilities, Abilities, Status effects ☑ Ok
  • Explain ambiguous game mechanics
  • Add scaling information if necessary
  • Check if relevant lists include everything they should
Quests ☐ Basics
  • Some walkthroughs miss entire quest paths or are outdated.
  • Walkthrus may also need different routes for different character skillsets.
  • Pages with long walkthrus should be split into tldr and detailed version; see Old man Nosek.
Locations ☐ Basics
  • Detail pages; many have short sections or are stubs/redirects.
  • Body text for most locations could use additional write-up.
  • Some moving and renaming will be necessary once certain areas get official names.
Skills, Base Abilities, Combat Stats ☐ Basics
  • Many of the pages for individual skills have lists that need expansion.
  • Game mechanics research: precision
Characters, Enemies ☐ Basics
  • Many pages lack minimal level of body text.
  • For enemies: rewrite or at least improve fluff text and fighting tips.
  • Pages in Category:Characters without health probably lack most infobox data.
Factions ☒ Bad
  • Detail individual pages; these are really lacking in story/lore details.
  • The main factions page needs to be improved too.

Creating new pages

Overall status: Practically 100% of base game content up to version has pages the wiki!

Check out the Special:WantedPages for a list of frequently linked-to pages that don't yet exist. Feel free to create any of them!

Major article group Progress Infobox and documention Navboxes (should link to all pages) Notes / other resources
Quests ☑ Good Quest Infobox Missions navbox Existing quest pages can be used as references, though there is much room for improvement in walkthroughs.
Items ☑ Good Infobox item Most of Category:Navbox templates Use existing item pages for reference, but longer body text is welcome.
Characters, Enemies ☑ Good Character Infobox NPCs, mentioned characters, minor NPCs and enemies Existing pages can be used as references, though many are stubs.
Locations ☑ Good Location Infobox Locations navbox
  • Zones lists every zone file, its article and map screenshot
  • Every zone should have its own detailed article later on, for now locations only have larger common pages
Feats ☑ Good Feat Infobox Feats navbox Use existing pages for reference.
Abilities ☑ Good Ability Infobox Abilities navbox, Psi abilities navbox Use existing pages for reference. Feat abilities should go to relevant feat page; no need for two pages and disambiguation.
Status effects ☑ Good Ability Infobox Status effect navbox Use existing pages for reference. Status effects should be added to relevant main article when they share name (e.g. Irongut medicine item and status effect)

Uploading images

Screenshots and editing!
  • Icons should be 33x33px PNG, with transparent background and correct transparency
  • NPC/mob models should be minimum '100x100px or taller as required, similar in size with the portrait next to it
    • NPCs can use cropped screenshots to illustrate their surroundings
    • Mobs are better off with generic sprite, transparent background
  • Quests infobox supports 300x200px images (or larger with same aspect ratio), can be a key event or point of interest in the quest
  • Location infobox looks best with 1.5:1 or higher aspect ratio image, width is limited to 300px.
    • Still need to figure out how to best utilize this; more once v1.0.3 is out.
  • Every area screen should have a screenshot, preferably transparent background, fully explored and without visible NPCs
    • Most zones have their screenshots in the wiki, check Zones for image redlinks.
Image categories

Quality assurance

The usual wiki cleanup stuff.

Want to discuss stuff?

  • If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the talk page for that article.
  • Drop epeli a message here or on the forums.
  • Also check the wiki thread on forums!
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