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For an alphabetical list of characters, see Category:Characters.

Characters or NPCs are the various non-player characters populating the world of Underrail.


Most friendly and neutral characters have dialogue and even minor characters have some in form of floating text. Some characters have quests for the player, and some also provide special services to the player and others - for example trading, healing and fast travel between distant areas (boat ferry).


The attitude of a character (or a creature) towards the player is shown in their name bar color.

Color Description
Ally Allies will defend you in a fight.
Friendly Won't attack you even if provoked. Will attack your enemies.
Neutral Neither friendly or unfriendly.
Unfriendly Not openly hostile, but might get provoked easily and turn hostile.
Hostile Openly hostile, trying to kill you.
Object Cameras, explosive barrels and other objects with hit points.

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