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| type    = side
| type    = side
| image    = The stolen train.png
| image    = The stolen train.png
| location = [[Rail Crossing]]
| location = [[Rail Crossing]]<br>[[Secluded Station]]
| givenby  = [[Captain Herve]]
| givenby  = [[Captain Herve]]
| rewards  = 1500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP<br>400 [[Stygian Coin]]
| rewards  = 1500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP<br>400 [[Stygian Coin]]

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Train heist

The stolen train.png300x200
Quest information
Location Rail Crossing
Secluded Station
Given by Captain Herve
Rewards 1500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
400 Stygian Coin
Related quests

Get rid of the Faceless


Join the Protectorate
Join the Free Drones

Find a missing supply train that that was bound for Rail Crossing. Note that the train will never depart unless a sufficient number of people are alive at SRO. Thus the whole train heist will never happen if SRO has suffered heavy casualties for any reason.

[edit] Objectives

  • Captain Herve wants you to help him find out what happened with a Protectorate train that was supposed to bring supplies to Rail Crossing, but never arrived. The train was supposed to set off from South Railroad Outpost.

[edit] Walkthrough

The train was hijacked. The train and its hijackers can be found in a Secluded Station some ways south from Rail Crossing. Follow the railroad south from Rail Crossing until you reach a railway junction turning west.

Once you have found the train, you can either report the hijacking to Major Clifton in South Railroad Outpost, or try to deal with the bandits yourself. They aren't immediate hostile, so you can talk to them and learn they belong to an anarchist group called Free Drones.

  • If you report the train's location to Clifton, Protectorate soldiers will take care of the bandits.
  • If you kill the bandits yourself, the last one of them arms a powerful bomb near the train. (120 second timer)
    • You can intimidate him to defuse the bomb. (50 effective skill required)
    • The bomb can also be disarmed manually. Traps skill helps to identify the correct options (with in order 30, 25, and 35 effective skill), but is not strictly necessary.
      • Remove loose side panel
      • Inspect the switches → [Traps] Flip the second switch
      • Inspect the battery → [Traps] Attempt to remove the battery
      • Inspect the wires → [Traps] Cut the black one
    • If the bomb detonates, the train will be destroyed and the entire train depot will be buried under stone. You can report the train's destruction and Free Drones involvement to Clifton.
  • Or you can leave the bandits be and lie to Captain Herve that you cannot find the train. Doing so will fail his mission, but opens up the opportunity to join Free Drones.
  • It is also possible to persuade (70 effective skill required) the bandits to leave the train. This leads to opportunities to join either Protectorate or Free Drones, depending on what you do with the knowledge of the train's location.

[edit] Aftermath

Depending on how the mission went, you will be later on presented an opportunity to join the Protectorate or Free Drones, or nothing at all.

  • Dealing with the bandits and/or revealing the train's location to authorities in SRO will get you a reward from Herve and an opportunity to join the Protectorate.
  • Finding the train, not attacking the bandits and lying to Herve that you cannot find the train will lead to an opportunity to join the Free Drones.
  • Getting the train blown up to smithereens will provide no follow-up quests nor rewards from anyone.

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