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Upper UnderrailUncontrolled zone

Global Map UP.png
Major location information
Music Skyless World
Located in Underrail
Areas Upper Underrail
Connections Core City
Epione Lab
Fort Apogee
Panacea Lab
Institute of Tchort
Emporion Shopping Mall
NPCs Marty
Map file(s) up1, up2, up3, up4, up5, up5-pas, up5x, up6, up7, up8, up9, up10, up-cc, up-lift, up-pb, up-plb, up-tch

The Upper Underrail was the residential zone of the big underground metro system before things went to hell. It is now controlled by United Stations and accessed via Core City.



Upper Underrail is very distinct from Lower Underrail, which has an abundance of utility tunnels and smaller passages. On Upper Underrail, stations are connected only by the metro lines.

The metro network has three main lines: blue, green and orange. Colored arrows along the walls of the metro tunnels make them easy to distinguish. Core City Upper Metro Station is the main station of the network, being directly connected to all three metro lines and roughly in the center of the metro.

Map gallery

Blue metro line

This metro line loops the central areas of Upper Underrail.

Green metro line

This metro line goes through the far east of Upper Underrail.

Orange metro line

This metro line loops around the west side of Upper Underrail.

Not on main lines

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