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Faction Tchortists
Role Harmost
Location Cytosine Outpost
Loot Eye of Tchort

Harmost Stavros is in charge of the Institute of Tchort's Preservation division. You can find him in Deep Caverns, in the Tchortist-controlled Cytosine Outpost.


Before he assumed his current rank, Stavros was a student of the legendary Harmost Marcial. He is said to be a wise and intelligent man, possessing a great sense of strategy.

When news of the Faceless invasion forces showing up around Core City reached the Institute, Stavros and Eidein decided that it would be best if Stavros moved down to Deep Caverns with a couple of rassophore units to ensure the safety Tchort. This proved to be a disastrous mistake and a decision Stavros would come to regret once the Faceless troops began to make their move, as the divided Preservation Forces were not strong enough to protect the Institute, nor to repel them in Deep Caverns. If not for the intervention of Tchort, the harmost and his men would have been completely overrun. This left Stavros with a small and very demoralized group of soldiers in a very hopeless situation.

Should he survive the events of the game, Stavros will abandon Tchortism and lead his remaining rassophores out of Deep Caverns.

Player interactions


  • Scout Faceless positions: Harmost Stavros wants you to perform reconnaissance of Hollow Earth and other areas presumed to be under Faceless control.
  • Liberate rassophores: Stavros wants you to try and rescue the rassophore captives from Talos Outpost.

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